Providing Development Operation Solutions

Here at BluSector, we strive for making the connection between the software development and software operations in your business. In modern business, sometimes you don’t want to automate your entire process, rather you want to have a small DevOps movement. What’s nice about this, is that we are able to monitor all steps of the software construction. We are able to do a complete integration, joining all pieces of your business while merging over to testing phase prior to releasing it for our clients.

Our process usually is as followed

  • CODE development and review.
  • Integrating the code with our tool product.
  • Continuous testing during this integration process.
  • Distributing the code pre-deployment.
  • Releasing the automation of the process getting approval.
  • Configuring the infrastructure with our prior integration.
  • Finally we monitor the performance on our client’s end to their satisfaction. 


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